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Cecilia Black


A Shooting Star


The Actress was born in the Scandinavian Countries, more specifically, in the prestigefuld Denmark.

The acknowledged “ Great Dane “ is a true entrepreneur and the born creative thinker.

 Growing up with her unique mentality, charismatic spirit, and emphatic heart, she tailored her life for it to become her playground from early teenage years, not afraid to take the road less travelled, looking for the bigger picture, as well as a deeper spiritual meaning with life.

Her educational background, involves Theater, psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and courses in Journalism.

She have spent a decade studying her interests in abnormal psychology, Science, Nano Tech, Mythology, Ancient history, as well as cooperating with the University of Paranormal Activity in London.

Loving photography, she finds peace in photographing nature and history, among her passion for ancient weapons form the 1800 Century, Ancient Egypt, and the Mayans.

She have been modeling about 10 years, starting out for Dream models.dk with the famous model Sarah Louise Christiansen, where she travelled around, and also starred the documentary show and behind the scenes, of the life of the Agency.

Discovering her talent for acting, for about five 5 years now, quickly let her into a more fulfilling passion, by allowing her electric and soul to make use of her colorful mind, as well as her some what eccentric personality traits.

Usually you will hear her personal opinion describing herself as “ kind of goofy “  with her joyful and optimistic behavior, being a greater fit for comedy, but she is mostly thrilled for action movies, often called “ The danish Angelina Jolie, from Tomb Raider “

 The first movie Cecilia did, was the sarcastically, yet extremely funny movie “ Klown “ where she plays among Star Comedians as Frank Hvam & Kasper Kristensen.

The Movie became such a worldwide hit, that it went strait to the US.

She also starred in the psychological thriller “ Souls Mirror “ a Norwegian film that went strait to be presented at Cannes film festival, being presented in worldwide news magazines.

She is seen in Tv shows like “ Heartless “ , several music video`s, as well as both video and print interviews.

In present, she now functions as a psychological behaviorist, and a Writer, with her own column for “EPN OF NYC”

New York`s top entrepreneur Magazine.

She  also works with Luxury Real Estate.

She  runs her blog at this website, called “ A psychological aspect, with a scientific evaluation “.

Currently she is working on creating an Egyptian jewelry line, cooperating with a contact there, while also writing her Psychological book “ Aspect of Abnormal “.

Soon an Art project will arise, since Cecilia has found passion for abstract art, in the name of love.

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